Portrait photography is a special skill, and one that requires real understanding of people, faces, bodies and moods.  My work as a portrait photographer has covered all sorts of portraits – individual, families, baby shoots, posing with props, as well as photographs for official use.

In these past few years of developing and mastering the skills required, I have worked on shoots that have required very careful understanding of elements of photography like balance, angle, light and texture.  Bringing these together to create a spectacular range of photographs has been a source of joy for me and satisfaction for clients.

A PStreeter Photography portrait shoot guarantees you an exquisite range of photographs, taken with care and skill.  The technique will be guided by one single objective – how to enhance the best in you.  My shoots are always relaxed and enjoyable, so there’s no need to worry or feel tensed.  Just be yourself, and let the camera do all the work.

These photographs will look great wherever and however you use them – hanging on the walls, in photo albums, blown up in size, or shared on social media.  Once you have the collection with you, you’ll treasure them and be delighted to share them with the world.

Whether you need a deft touch with family portraits, a fun and vibrant approach to a baby shoot, or just a series of portraits to bring out the very best in you, get in touch and let the dexterity of PStreeter take over.

I look forward to working with you, so call me today and allow my camera to do the rest.